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Own an asset that attracts you...

35+ Remodeling Job Opportunities Every Month


  • Paying per lead
  • Paying for ads
  • Being stuck with monthly bills from a marketer

Sounds too good to be true?

Our results are fully guaranteed in writing – or you get an 100% refund. No exceptions.

"Our business has nearly doubled" -Michael Ingram

Are you wasting your time with cheap, low-quality leads ?

Most home services contractors have tried pay per lead sites like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Build Zoom, Networx, Porch, Houzz, and more.

The problem with these systems is always the same.

They perform well the first month to hook you in… then they start sending you crappy leads.

Pay per lead sites are a trap for business owners

Here's the elephant in the room... These pay per lead sites share their leads with your competitors at the same time that they're sharing them with you... By the time you call, the home owner has already been quoted twice and is "tired of solicitations"...

What you end up with are price shoppers, hagglers, and deadbeats. You know the type... they never return your call, they constantly talk about competitor quotes - or they ask you to remodel a full bathroom... with a $5000 budget...

Sure, once in awhile there’s a good job that comes out of pay per lead. But at what cost?

You and your reps are constantly chasing people who will never pay you what you’re worth.

In the end, you realize you've invested thousands of dollars.. (sometimes hundreds of thousands) renting leads that you don't own.

You want to scale up your business, but you're completely dependent on rented leads. The moment you stop paying, the jobs stop coming.

Has a marketer ripped you off ?

After dealing with pay per lead, you’ve probably tried hiring a marketing agency for Website SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or some other strategy.

These guys promised the world but came up short. All you got were excuses and lackluster results.

At the cost of thousands of dollars to you and months of wasted time…

Have you given up on marketing and started relying on word of mouth?

After all this frustration, a lot of contractors give up on marketing. They focus entirely on doing good, quality work and earning word of mouth referrals.

Nothing wrong with that-

But with word of mouth, growth is slow… and you don’t have very much control over it.

That’s just fine… if you’re content being a six-figure contractor.

But if you’re looking to scale up into the multi-millions

If you’re looking to hire a director of operations and free yourself from your business...

If you're looking to build wealth and have your business work for you...

Then you need MORE than just word of mouth.

You need to crack lead generation and build a system that attracts a consistent flow of high-intent remodeling opportunities.

Introducing the...

Home Service Contractors Opportunity Machine!

This new system flips marketing on its head.

Stop being dependent on pay per lead, ads, or marketers. Stop investing your money in systems that someone else owns.

Instead, YOU own this system. Once built, this job magnet attracts:

35+ full home service opportunities each month


What kind of opportunities are these?

These are high-ticket jobs with home owners looking to complete a full kitchen, bath remodel or other major home project.

Not just a single countertop or some casual bathroom painting. Roof replacements, Full guts + remodels and home makeovers.

We only target jobs that bring in $10,000+ each (some jobs are much higher). If you’re looking for handyman repairs, look elsewhere – this isn’t the system for you.

"I've seen a 25% increase in calls in just a few months" -Eric Parker

How does the system work?

We connect over a call with you. We discuss the types of jobs you're going after, areas you want to target, and goals you’re working to achieve.

We take time to analyze your competition. We determine how easy or difficult it will be to build this System. We present the strategy to you, along with a proposed investment and timeline.

We build this lead machine for you. Once it’s up and running successfully, it’s yours. You STOP paying us.

"We've gotten 45% more customers" -Anthony New

Who are we?

Home Service Contractors Opportunity Machine team was founded by two childhood friends and U.S. Army vets: Ian Cunningham and Connor Corkrin. Still a small agency, we are now a team of 12 – based out of Richmond, Virginia.

Since founding this company, we have helped over 100 contractors build their own Opportunity Machines.

We didn’t start out knowing it all. We tried many of the same failed strategies that leave contractors dissatisfied or dependent on inferior marketing.

The Home Services Contractors Opportunity Machine is a culmination: years of testing and trial/error. Only over the past year have we arrived at something truly unique in the contractor marketing space.

Our Mission is to free business owners from reliance on other companies and get them to invest in their OWN lead generation assets.

Here's what our partners have to say...

NOTE: We only work with 1 contractor in each city.

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What do you really have to lose here?

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Our team only works with business owners who are well-established and are looking to aggressively grow their business.

In being respectful to both yours and our time, please do not schedule a call if one of the following applies to you:ne

You’re focused on earning low-ticket repair jobs.

You only have 1 crew. This system works best for well-established contractors with multiple crews.

You aren’t dedicated to massive growth. Partners we bring on are all dedicated to a long-term vision of achieving $4 million/year revenue or more.

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